Travel + Leisure's New Podcast Celebrates Cultures Around the World — Listen to the Trailer

Illustration of the Travel+Leisure podcast, "Lost Cultures Living Legacies"

Joyce Lue/Travel + Leisure

In 2020, we at Travel + Leisure launched our very first podcast, Let's Go Together, a show highlighting the ways that travel changes how we see ourselves and the world. Now, we're back with an all-new series that dives even deeper into what makes this planet such a spectacular place to explore: the people in it. 

Toss on your headphones this spring and summer and listen to all 10 episodes of our new podcast, Lost Cultures: Living Legacies.

Hosted by Alisha Prakash, T+L's associate editorial director, this podcast introduces listeners to Indigenous cultures that have shaped a few of our favorite destinations through their music, food, rituals, storytelling, and everything in between, providing them all with a platform they so rightly deserve. 

This season, we'll take you to New York City to dig deep into how the Lower East Side became the heartbeat of immigrant culture in the United States. We'll also head south to Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula to learn more about the Maya and their many mysteries, along with how the community continues their cultural traditions today. Then, we'll make our way over to Japan to get to know the Ainu, Australia to visit the Aboriginal people, Scotland to discover the Picts, the South Pacific to hear from the Rapa Nui, and more. 

Throughout the season, Prakash asks, "What can we learn about a place by delving into the people who once lived there? In what ways do cultures build upon each other as populations come and go? How do they complement each other, interact, and leave their marks on the people that come after them? And are cultures truly ever lost, even if the people move on?" Now's your chance to hear the answer. 

But before the first episode is released on April 19, take a listen to the new trailer above. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, Stitcher, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, Overcast, and everywhere podcasts are available.

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