The Best Times to Visit Copenhagen for Great Weather, Lower Prices, and Fewer Crowds

These are the best times to visit Copenhagen for every type of traveler.

Copenhagen is an enchanting Scandinavian city that’s known for its grand palaces, gardens, and colorful canal-side districts. The Danish capital offers all kinds of weather over the course of a year, from summer days with 18 hours of sunlight to cold, wintry nights that inspired the Danes to pioneer the cozy concept of hygge.

Famous Nyhavn harbour with boats docked by the colorful buildings

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To help you figure out when to visit, we spoke to Cecilia Fonden, a seasoned concierge at d’Angleterre, a member of The Leading Hotels of the World. The city's basic tourist seasons can be broken down as follows:

  • High Seasons: June to August, plus the month of December
  • Shoulder Seasons: April to May and September to November 
  • Low Season: January to March 

Whether you're after sunny weather, smaller crowds, or other highlights, here are the very best times to go to Copenhagen.

Best Times to Visit Copenhagen for Smaller Crowds 

To escape the summer crowds, consider visiting Copenhagen during the shoulder seasons. The months of April and October are particularly nice, since they offer the benefits of spring or autumn sunshine and moderate temperatures. In these months, you can stroll around comfortably with just a light jacket — and not have to worry about the sun going down in mid-afternoon, as you would in winter. These are also great times to experience Copenhagen's lively cafe culture, as locals fully embrace the first and last opportunities to enjoy heated terrace seating around the city.

Aerial view of Amagertorv square on a sunny summer day in Copenhagen, Denmark

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Best Times to Visit Copenhagen for Good Weather

It’s been said that when Danish summer is good, it’s the absolute best. From June to August, you can expect long, bright days and nights (the sun only sets for a few hours) and comfortable temperatures with no extreme heat. The conditions are ideal for enjoying the scenic canals in the center of the city and sandy beaches on the city's northern outskirts, where you’ll find Copenhageners catching some rays. Tourists can also look forward to buzzing sidewalk cafes, seasonal programming at Tivoli Gardens — one of the world’s oldest amusement parks — and an all-around jovial atmosphere. Says Fonden, “Copenhageners are known as some of the happiest people in the world, but they’re extra joyous during the summer."

Best Times to Visit Copenhagen for Lower Prices

“Copenhagen is not an inexpensive destination, but during the months of February and March you can actually find good offers,” says Fonden. While the weather might not be anything to brag about, the wealth of museums, great shopping, top-rated hotels, and impressive restaurants continue to attract travelers — especially those seeking a deal or an easier time scoring a coveted reservation. “Dozens of Michelin-rated restaurants, welcoming indoor food markets, cozy cafes that serve fresh-baked Danish pastries, and many other delicious attractions make the city the Nordic culinary capital,” says Fonden.  

Snow covers water, boats and buildings during winter in Copenhagen

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Best Times to Visit Copenhagen for Biking  

Even though the Danish capital has a great metro system, biking is the preferred form of transportation for locals, with more than 60 percent of Copenhageners riding a bike on a daily basis. If you want to get in on the action yourself, plan your trip between May and September, when the weather is ideal for tooling around Copenhagen on two wheels. “You can go everywhere with your ‘metal horse’ (as Danes call their two-wheeled best friend),” says Fonden. Opt for a bike tour with a certified guide to see the city's many highlights and explore vibrant neighborhoods such as Vesterbro and Nørrebro.

Photo of a young couple riding bicycles and enjoying the lovely winter morning in the city.

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Worst Time to Visit Copenhagen

If you aren’t a fan of gray skies, rain, and cold winds, it’s probably best to avoid Copenhagen in January. The sun is only up from about 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. this time of year, and it’s very often covered by heavy clouds. With all that said, folks who don’t mind a little inclement weather can use a winter trip to experience hygge firsthand. Fonden suggests using this month to visit crowd-free castles and museums and take advantage of discounts on the large pedestrian shopping street of Strøget.

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